Aiding Legislation

Law no. 9887

The law no. 9887, date 10/03/2008, “On personal data protection”, revised

Law no.9887

“On personal data protection”

Law no.119/2014

“On the right of Information” , revised

Law no.7905

“Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Albania”

Law no. 119/2014

“On the right of Information”

Law no. 152/2013

“On the Civil Servant”, revised

Law no.146/2014

“On Public information”

Law no.7895

“The Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania”

Law no.9131

“On the Ethics Rules in the Public Administration”


Law no. 146/2014

“On Public Consult”

Law no.9917

“On the prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism”

Law no.152

“On the status of the Public Servant”.

Law no.8485

“On the Administrative Procedure Code”.

Law no.9154

“On Archives”